Going a step further in providing convenience and quality health care to our patients, we offer them “cashless facility.” Under this arrangement, the patient is discharged from the hospital without making any payment. All the surgery expenses are taken care of by the TPA (Third Party Administrator).

TPA is an intermediary organization; licensed by an insurance company, with whom you have a standard mediclaim policy. It pays the hospital bills on your behalf at the time of discharge so that there is no additional burden at the time of operation. As soon as you buy a health insurance policy from one of the insurance companies, the TPA licensed by that insurance company takes over and provides the necessary information to the policy holders (such as the terms and conditions, risks covered, the network of hospitals etc). This information is provided along with an identity card and a unique identification number, which enables him to take benefit of the cashless facility at a hospital

Following is a comprehensive list of various renowned TPAs, who are our business partners. We are in the process of getting more TPAs in our group:

  • Dedicated Health Care Services
  • TTK Health Care
  • Park Mediclaim
  • East West Assist
  • Medi Assist
  • MD India
  • Family Health Plan
  • Universal Mediaid
  • Raksha TPA
  • Good Health
  • Safeway Mediclaim
  • Alankit Health Care
  • Heritage Health Letter
  • Paramount Health Service
  • United Health Care
So, all a patient has to do, is to show his identity card and he is admitted after getting the necessary authorisation from the concerned TPA. This way, even if the patient does not have sufficient resources for immediate payment, he can still get the best professional help.


  • Phaco - Operation for cataract
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis & treatment
  • Corneal transplantation
  • All Eye test with Computer
  • Special treatment for the Children
  • A-Scan & B-Scan test for Eye
  • Green laser treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Fixing Contact lens
  • Yaglaser treatment for some Eye Diseases
  • Squint Eye tests & Operations

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